The Middle Aged Women

I worked in this company where they put me in a cubicle next to this, middle aged woman. Sorry I called her that.. but that is how I can best describe here. She was a real sweetheart too. She was from Texas and had that Texas drawl. I would often hear her on the phone saying to people,”I would love to help you but my website is down.” This went on for the first week I worked there.

I thought nothing of it. I just was wondering what kind of web hosting she had as that website really is down a lot. One day she asked for my help. She comes over to my cubicle and says, “I was wondering if you could help me out. You are a technical guy right? I responded, “Sure, hopefully I can help you out.” She then said, “That is great because my website is down Mack (how she pronounced my name Mike) and I don’t know what to do.” I was like, “Geez. I am screwed now. I know nothing about her hosting company or code, or anything for that matter.”

I then started asking her, “Where is the site hosted?” She responded, “Not too sure Mack”. I said, “Uh ok. What is the user name and password?” She said, “Why do you need my password when my website is down?” I didn’t know how to respond so I went to her computer and started trying to bring up the Internet on a browser. It could not connect. I then said, “Hmm, I can’t seem to get to the Internet, not sure what is going on with that, but I need to get on the net to diagnose your website issue.” She then said, “See, that is what I am talking about, my website is down Mack.”

At that point, it all became clear to me. Her Internet has been down for the past few week and she was saying her website was down! I called in someone from IT to help her out. While the IT person diagnosed the issue, I was sitting there wondering what the heck she was up to for the past few week without an Internet connection!

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