The company I worked for a few years ago, hired this guy called Ron. He shared an office with a girl. After he was there for less than a week, the girl he shared the office found that she was missing a credit card. She didn’t know what happened to it, either she had missplaced it or if it had been stolen. Then, a girl I worked with told me how she had seen Ron in Kmart the night before. She had called out to him. He looked right at her and sort of ran away.

She told me how weird it was. As the story unfolds, these two women in our office were talking and the girl mentioned seeing Ron in Kmart. The girl with the missing credit card stated how the credit card company reported a lot of charges from Kmart that same night on her credit card. They then went on the County website and searched Ron’s name. He was actually a fugitive wanted for some crimes including battery and robbery. They called the sheriff’s department. Ron heard them and took off out of the building. He was pulling his car out of the parking lot as a sheriff blocked him in.

We all watched from the windows of the office as Ron ran. It was funny! People in the office were yelling, “Run Ron! Run!” It was great as Ron disappeared with the fat sheriff chasing him. After they were gone a while, we started to go back to our desks. That was when Ron showed up again without the sheriff on his tail. He had lost him. Ron tried to get in to his car again but his car wouldn’t start. Ron then got out again as more sheriff’s arrived. He then jumped a fence and was gone again. Ron made the papers that next day.

He was caught and charged with a ton of crimes including, assault on a police officer, credit card theft, etc etc. We also checked the sheriff website a month later and saw his new picture. He was all beat up. It looked like the police beat him up pretty bad. Poor Ron.