My Rant

Dealing With Idiots

I’m not sure what’s harder, living with a non tech wife or working with non tech coworkers. The other day for example one of my favourite persons at work which will remain anonymous (she knows who she is) tells me that her printer is not working. “I’m not sure what’s wrong, I press print, but nothing comes out of the printer”, she says. “I’ll check it out in a while”, I say. Later she comes to me and says she fixed the problem. I ask what she did to fix it. She says, “The printer needed paper.” Doh!

Biggest Jerk in America

I work with someone who has to be hands down the biggest assh*le in America. His job is in shipping (loading and unloading trucks) but for some reason he spends around 4 hours a day (out of an 8 hour day) in my area. How he gets away with this I have no idea, but anyway every time you get near him he either burps or farts (I guess he thinks this is amusing in some way) and he tells people outside of work he is the “warehouse manager” a position that does not even exist. He is constantly moving stuff around in my work area with his forklift for no logical reason other than to just spend more time in an area which he has no reason being in. I could go on and on about this tool but I’ll end it at that.

Boss From Hell

I work for the freakin Boss FROM HELL! This guy is completely nuts and out of his mind. I am locked in to this job because I have to survive to eat. I cannot believe how he be little’s me every day in front of everyone and he oftentimes yells to complete his point. If only our corporate owners knew what the hell is going on in this office. How can I get revenge on this guy without losing my job!!!

Project Manager

I used to work at a company where the Project Manager was the guy who actually managed the project from start to finish. He used his experience and knowledge to help guide the project correctly and to completion. Now I work at a place where the project manager just harasses people so that they complete their projects on the project list. Is this what he is supposed to do? He works for our tech company and is completely non-technical. He knows nothing technical, doesn’t know how to check the project to see that it was done correctly. He just walks around harassing people by getting timelines, etc on projects. When he is not doing that, he is hanging out in the kitchen talking to whoever he finds and explaining endlessly to them how hard he is working. AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Labor Department Caveman

Of all the undesireables at the US Labor Department, the pathetic macho-man wannabee named Dave Meyer takes the cake. Dave is a skinny, short little Napoleon. If only he were six feet tall he would really whip the world. Alas and alack, Dave is a mealy runt with one kidney and no back-bone who thinks telling racial and ethinic “jokes” in the office and making unwanted sexual advances at women makes him big and strong. Dave is a Senior Executive Service, which means he gets paid about $150,000 a year. But don’t mistake the pay with any qualifications. Dave got the job because his mother-in-law had ties to the Administration and got him in so he would be able to support his family. I call that feeding off the common trough.

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