Email Mistake

Email Mistake

Recently I screwed up an email while I was away on a business trip. I was using the companies web email and received a notice from the Administrative Assistant. I clicked the ‘Reply’ Button to answer the email. In the email I put information that I only wanted the Administrative Assistant, my friend, to see. After writing the email, I clicked the send button. As the email was sending, I found that the entire employee roster was on the email. I tried to stop it, but it was too late.

Not being all too familiar with the companies web mail system, I unintentionally had clicked the ‘Reply All’ button and had to face the music of sending the entire company personal information in the email.

Nice job.

Do you have any coworker email stories? Respond to this post, I would love to hear some.


I used to work with this guy who really smelled bad. He was a very strange person to start off. He did not talk to anyone. But the thing that sticks out in my mind was that he smelled really bad. He was also unkempt looking. He appeared to be a very good programmer, but he also showed up whenever he wanted. We all started work at 8:30am and he would start work at about 9am. He was also leave at 4:30 instead of 5:30 like the rest of us.

Just People

I worked at this online company where we used to have a bunch of hard working programmers. While directly working with them I knew how hard they really worked. We would always come in early and stay late. We would have to come in late at night oftentimes due to server issues, etc. The same thing went for weekends.

Then, we had the marketing group. Over time by becoming friendly with one of the girls in the Marketing department I found out what a real mess it was. These people would spend their days fighting with one another regarding boss favoritism along with whom made more money than the next guy. At the end of the day, basically our company website ran itself through good search engine results. The Marketing team, which was as large as our programming team, did little to nothing as far as bringing us new business.

The Director of Marketing had recently fired one of the hardest working people I had ever met. She was a very hard driving person. She landed a great deal with a major airline to use our services on their website. In return she received monthly commissions. My friend told me.. behind the scenes, the Director of Marketing seeing how this woman was making more money than him, due to this huge contract, came up with the bright idea to fire the poor woman. In his contract he had a clause that stated he would receive all commissions due to his staff if they would leave the department. So, using his great forethought he decided it would be better to bad mouth her to the President and fire her rather than have her get more clients for the company (which he received a partial commission on !!! ) .

I have since left the company and recently checked on the county tax rolls in my area for the Director. He recently bought a new house assessed at over 1.3 million dollars.  I wonder what happened to the poor woman who was fired. Probably eeking out a paycheck at some crappy company like the rest of us.

Worst Boss Stories

Here is a story about probably one of the worst bosses I ever worked for.  I had this boss one time who would not give the time of day to any male coworker. As long as you were a cute young girl, you received the best treatment and salaries.  Our IT department was pretty much composed of good looking girls who did nothing. Myself (a guy) and my friend another guy were forced to work late hours, and basically hold the department down while the girls in our department flirted with the boss all day. He was a decent looking guy, but they treated him like Bradd Pitt. They played him so well.

The most disgusting thing about this story is that the boss got himself fired for harassment of one of these women who was married. I don’t know what happened but they used to spend hours behind his office’s closed door. Then, he was gone.

Anyway, it was my job to organize the department after he was let go. I didn’t get his position, but got his keys to the files. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that myself and my friend, who would work weekends and run the department were the lowest paid two in the office.  Who says that women get paid less. I guess this boss tried to fix that problem in one shot.


President of the Company

When I started a job one time I was invited by a group to go to lunch with them. The group consisted of the family that basically owned and ran the company. They were the VP of Technology, President of the company, Senior Programmer, A/R Manager, etc. Meanwhile I was a Jr Programmer making peanuts.  They all decided on Thai food. Yuck. But I was in no position to say anything.  At the restaurant I was lucky enough.. yeah right.. to sit next to the president. She seemed like a nice lady. About my age. Hmm, me Jr Programmer and her president. You can see how good I was doing in my life.

Anyway, I ordered the smallest thing possible as my truck transmission blew the week before. I watched as she ordered the most expensive sushi on the menu. No biggie, if you can afford it.. eat it.  Then, the bill came. I didn’t get a look at it, but they all said put in your money. Not wanting to look cheap, I slid over $10. for my $4 bowl of soup and $1.95 coke.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the president quickly toss in 2 singles. I didn’t think anything. Maybe one of her other family members owed her money or something and would pay the difference.  Well, they calculated the bill and came up $25 short. The A/R manager said, let’s make this easy, everyone toss in an extra $5.  I about puked. Starting a new job, being broke and now sitting here with all the top people of the company. How was I going to get out of this one.

… I chickened out and just paid the extra $5 bucks.

In closing I would like to say that I never went to lunch with them again.