The Second Part

Blinky I used to work with this guy who blinked all the time. It wasn’t a normal blink either. It was sort of forced. I remember going to meetings with him and he would progressively get worse when things got more stressful. I had to concentrate on not laughing it was so bad. Sometimes I […]


The company I worked for a few years ago, hired this guy called Ron. He shared an office with a girl. After he was there for less than a week, the girl he shared the office found that she was missing a credit card. She didn’t know what happened to it, either she had missplaced […]

Email Mistake

Email Mistake Recently I screwed up an email while I was away on a business trip. I was using the companies web email and received a notice from the Administrative Assistant. I clicked the ‘Reply’ Button to answer the email. In the email I put information that I only wanted the Administrative Assistant, my friend, […]

A Crazy Lady

I work at an online company. This company rewards it’s employees with a month long sabbatical for tenured service. While on my sabbatical, my department made a number of hirings. One of them was a crazy lady that they decided to place right in front of me. Did I know that she was a little […]

My Rant

Dealing With Idiots I’m not sure what’s harder, living with a non tech wife or working with non tech coworkers. The other day for example one of my favourite persons at work which will remain anonymous (she knows who she is) tells me that her printer is not working. “I’m not sure what’s wrong, I […]

Can It Really Get Any Worse

I don’t even know where to start, with this guy. If there was EVER a real person who embodied SNL style parody- this is him. In the words of another coworker “He’s that frail little F***.” His teeth are pointy and orange like candy corn. He’s got a disability due to a back injury. Ok […]

The Middle Aged Women

I worked in this company where they put me in a cubicle next to this, middle aged woman. Sorry I called her that.. but that is how I can best describe here. She was a real sweetheart too. She was from Texas and had that Texas drawl. I would often hear her on the phone […]